Local January 24, 2024 | 3:07 pm

Landslide disrupts land communication between Pedernales and Barahona

Barahona, RD.- Land communication between Pedernales and Barahona has been disrupted due to a landslide on the night of Tuesday, the 23rd, causing the complete collapse of the access road.

The landslide occurred in the area known as “the collapse,” specifically between San Rafael and Paraíso in Barahona.

This incident has left hundreds of people from Pedernales, who daily commute to work, universities, and other activities, currently stranded. A more critical situation has been highlighted by a young man named Gómez, who mentioned that he needs to transport a deceased relative to Pedernales, and mourners are unsure how to proceed.

The civil society of Pedernales is urging authorities to open the highway from Polo to Enrriquillo and also from Puerto Escondido de Duvergé to Pedernales.

The Ministry of Public Works (MOPC) reports that the landslide occurred in the Derrumbao road section, including the El Coronel bridge and the La Ciénaga community near the San Rafael spa. This has led to the obstruction of traffic between Enriquillo and Barahona.

According to reports, a group of armed individuals, threatening employees, entered the aqueduct intake site supplying water to the communities of Bahoruco, La Ciénaga, El Arroyo, Juan Esteban, El Quemaito, and part of the municipality of Barahona. The site was closed as a precaution against water pressure eroding the compacted soil. These individuals, acting without scruples, intentionally caused the landslide at that location.

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