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Alliance for gastronomic tourism strategy

Santo Domingo.- In a bid to promote the Dominican Republic as a culinary tourist destination and showcase its significant potential and culinary advancements, the Dominican Restaurant Association (ADERES), in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism (MITUR) and Banreservas, has entered into an agreement with the Basque Culinary Center and its technological arm, BCC Innovation Gastronomy. The purpose of this collaboration is to design and implement a plan that will sustainably enhance the country’s tourism through gastronomy.

The agreement was formalized in Madrid, Spain, during the FITUR 2024 International Tourism Fair, with the signing attended by Minister of Tourism David Collado, ADERES President Omar Cepeda Darauche, BCC Innovation Director Begoña Rodríguez, and Banreservas General Administrator Samuel Pereyra. Also present were David Llibre, President of ASONAHORES; Aguie Lendor, Executive VP; Pedro Cuevas, innovation and strategy consultant at BCC Innovation; Rafael Cabrera, Banreservas executive; and Filipo Ciccone, ADERES treasurer.

The plan’s execution will unfold in four phases, integrating the entire value chain to achieve the sustainability of Dominican gastronomy and its local products. It will encompass international initiatives at various territorial scales, ongoing policies and plans, key assets, and actors in the country’s gastronomic development, as well as a diagnosis of the current gastronomic reality of the Dominican Republic, formulation, and proposals of iconic dishes, among other aspects.

Omar Cepeda Darauche emphasized the significance and broad scope of the agreement, stating that the Basque Culinary Center and BCC Innovation will present strategies and recommendations aimed at positioning the Dominican Republic as a leading gastronomic destination in the Americas by 2030. He highlighted the need for all stakeholders in the value chain to come together and participate for sustained success in all aspects.

“In this project, producers, processors, farmers, ranchers, ingredients, and native products will be considered to create a culinary identity that distinguishes us globally,” added Omar Cepeda. He expressed gratitude for MITUR’s facilitation of the hiring of BCC Innovation and Banreservas’ support for the plan’s execution and the Dominican gastronomic industry.

The formalization and execution of this Strategic Plan for Sustainable Gastronomy reaffirm ADERES’ commitment to the development and well-being of the Dominican culinary and gastronomic industry. Additionally, it aims to promote the variety of local products and the diversity of flavors that Dominican gastronomy offers.

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