Economy January 25, 2024 | 1:00 pm

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BHD promotes sustainable tourism

Santo Domingo.- Banco BHD hosted its inaugural BHD Tourism and Investment Forum, designed as a platform to present and discuss topics of mutual interest related to tourism and foreign investment in the Dominican Republic. This initiative, organized by BHD’s Corporate and Business Banking, coincided with the celebration of the Madrid International Tourism Fair (FITUR).

Steven Puig, the President of Banco BHD, led the event and delivered a welcoming address, while David Collado, the Minister of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, also contributed to the discussions.

Puig highlighted the bank’s longstanding involvement in financing tourism projects, spanning over two decades, and emphasized their recent commitment to Responsible Banking Principles. He described the forum as the first in a series, aiming to facilitate learning, knowledge exchange, and the sharing of best practices to enhance each participant’s role in the industry.

The panelists covered a range of topics, including the contributions of environmental protection and community development projects, sustainability practices, social inclusion, and its impact on communities. Discussions also delved into the challenges faced by the tourism sector in implementing sustainable practices, emerging sustainability trends in tourism, and strategies for mitigating environmental and social risks associated with tourism.

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