Local January 25, 2024 | 7:55 am

René Brea confirms exit from Telemicro

Santo Domingo.- On Wednesday, Producer René Brea officially resigned from his position as director of Grupo Telemicro, citing a need to prioritize personal matters that had been postponed due to the responsibilities he had assumed.

Having announced his entry into the company chaired by Juan Ramón Gómez Díaz in September 2022 and expressing gratitude for the opportunity, Brea is set to make his departure effective on Sunday, February 4.

In a statement, Brea expressed his appreciation for being part of the “great family” for over a year, acknowledging the chance to contribute his expertise and grow in a field he is passionate about. He extended gratitude to everyone who played a role in making various projects and initiatives possible.

Furthermore, Brea conveyed thanks to his work team, the public, and all the employees of the television plant.

The future of Brea’s involvement in the production of “2Night X La Noche” remains uncertain, leaving open questions about his role in the late-night TV show.

Over the course of his nearly two-year tenure, René Brea implemented significant changes across Telemicro channels 5, Digital 15, and Telecentro (channel 13). Notable among these changes were the restructuring of the cast of “De Extremo a Extremo” and a revamp of its schedule and programming, resulting in a two-hour reduction in broadcast time.

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