Local January 27, 2024 | 9:19 am

Police asked to act against people “disguised” as motorcyclists

Santo Domingo—This Friday the union leader and leader of the National Re-election Movement “La Expansión,” Mario Díaz, requested that the director general of the National Police, Ramón Antonio Guzmán Peralta, order drastic and immediate measures to prevent the continued use of the so-called “hoodies” by motorists who go around fully disguised at any time of the day or night committing misdeeds, assaults, robberies and other criminal acts, to the detriment of the Dominican population.

“The transportation sector of our country also suffers daily the consequences of the criminal acts committed by delinquents and anti-socials who transit our roads and board public transportation units wearing hooded attire,” said Diaz.

“We all feel prostrated before a terrible state of defenselessness when we see a motorcycle driven by two hooded people obscured from head to toe approaching us,” added the union and political leader.

In a press release, he emphasized that the hoods are used by criminals to evade even the residential and institutional surveillance carried out by the security cameras installed in the businesses and residences of the country.

Diaz added that out of every 100 Dominicans living in the neighborhoods of Greater Santo Domingo, 30 have been victims of criminal acts committed by hooded individuals on a motorcycle and that “many times even from other motor vehicles, so we understand that the situation is already worrying, given that the hooded persons have subdued our population, instilling a kind of fear felt by the unprotected citizens, while the police authorities have reached the extreme of absolute permissibility with the use of hoods by most of the motoconchistas in our country.”

“That practice is only seen in the Dominican Republic, where hooded criminals aboard a motorcycle have multiplied since the use of hoods on those motorcyclists has been practically legalized, and that has allowed police effectiveness to drop considerably, since the Police in most cases cannot identify the hooded individuals after committing their misdeeds, even though they are recorded in the videos of the security cameras,” Diaz concluded.

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January 28, 2024 7:35 am

Hard to wear a helmet if you’re using a hoodie. Enforce the helmet law and the hoodie problem goes away.

Mr. Sensible
January 28, 2024 10:12 am
Reply to  Stetson

How about enforcing all laws? Digisett is a wolf without teeth…go for the soft prey like not wearing a seatbelt while driving in congestion at 4kph.

Paul Tierney
January 29, 2024 10:00 am

Ban the use of “hoodies” when on a moto. So, it can another violation that will not be enforced.

January 29, 2024 10:25 am

Maybe the solution is in the picture above. Require all moto thieves to carry a camera so they can snap a picture of themselves before carrying out the crime. LoL 😉