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Marcos Díaz almost died of poisoning after stepping on stonefish

Boca Chica—During a surf session at La Boya, Boca Chica, the outstanding Dominican ultra-distance open water swimmer Marcos Diaz successfully overcame “jabs from the poisonous spines of a stonefish (Scorpaena plumieri).”

As he explained in a statement on his Instagram account, the current Reef Check DR Board member, thinking “it was a cut, acted quickly, submerging his foot in hot water to neutralize the poison.”

“Stonefish,” with venomous backbones, highlight the risks in coastal areas. Marcos is grateful for the support of his close circle, especially Ruben Garcia @rubnga, who coordinated medical care with Dr. Pedro Ivan Peralta @pedroivanperalta, who provided the necessary remote help from a distance and is recovering thanks to the solidarity of the community,” he said.

Peralta also emphasized that thanks to the expert swimmer’s knowledge and capacity for action, he could act and take the necessary measures.

It has been erroneously reported in many articles that the stonefish bit Diaz. Stonefish do not bite. They have venomous defensive spines in the dorsal fin on their backs and must be stepped on or otherwise disturbed by a misplaced hand, for example, to deliver their venom.

Diaz overcame this potentially life-threatening incident because he knew what to do. Such encounters are rare, but if you should be stung by a stonefish or other venomous sea creature, it is recommended to immerse the affected area in hot water—as hot as you can tolerate but not skin-damaging, and get immediate medical treatment.

The very venomous stonefish

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Dave C.
January 29, 2024 2:27 am

Wish him a speedy recovery!