Local January 28, 2024 | 12:11 pm

Now! Shooting at 42nd Capotillo leaves at least one dead

Distrito Nacional—At least one person died, and two others were wounded this Sunday morning when a person allegedly shot at several people in a confusing incident registered on 42nd Street in Capotillo, in the National District.
According to the information, a man, so far unidentified, came out of an alley shooting at full blast, killing a Haitian national, who died instantly, in addition to hitting two other people.

Witnesses told Periódico Hoy that the assailant had two pistols at the moment of shooting at the group of people who were near a fried food restaurant around 7:30 am this morning.

The authorities intervened in the area and cordoned off the area, where the lifeless body remained while waiting for a forensic doctor to perform the rigorous examination.

For the moment, the authorities have not offered details about the incident nor the identity of the victims or the shooter, who fled the scene without being apprehended.

More details to come…

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