Local January 29, 2024 | 11:20 am

First Innovation Club in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- The Innovation Club in the Dominican Republic, spearheaded by the private sector and guided by Arlette Palacio, co-director of the club and executive director of SIP Group, aims to foster an innovation ecosystem in the country.

In response to challenges like the dissemination of digital technology and pandemic-induced changes, the Club positions itself as a platform for business growth, aligning with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as stated by Palacio.

The initiative addresses the needs of companies in the Dominican market through memberships, offering support for advancing innovation projects within organizations. The Club provides tools to entrepreneurs, companies, and corporations, facilitating self-management for innovators, access to benchmarks and references in Latin America and worldwide, mechanisms to measure progress, and practical resources for advancing innovation processes.

Members of the Innovation Club will enjoy an experience designed to enhance business competitiveness. They can engage with specialized innovation mentors for ongoing support and expert guidance. Additionally, they gain access to an advanced self-diagnosis service, offering an analysis of their company’s readiness to adopt innovative practices, according to Sarah De la Cruz, co-director of the club.

Membership includes a curated repository of educational resources to strengthen business knowledge and a set of tools aimed at accelerating innovation processes within companies. The initiative aims not only to improve current operations but also to prepare partners for the future by accelerating the creation of capabilities in operational teams, adapting to the constantly evolving market.

The initiative was unveiled on January 25 at an event attended by nearly 200 guests, including leaders from the private and government sectors. The event showcased international speakers such as Javier De Jesús-Martínez, Ecosystem Architect, María Cristina Córdova, RELACI Colombia, and Bartolomé Pujals, director of the Innovation Cabinet of the Dominican Republic.

The 2024 agenda, focusing on Artificial and Generative Intelligence, Open Innovation, sustainability, and the culture of innovation, was presented at the event. The founding partners, Grupo Humano and Grupo Ramos, were also announced.

The Innovation Club aims to connect corporate innovation management teams in the Dominican Republic and Latin America, with the support of Genia Latin America, the Government Office of Information and Communication Technologies of the Dominican Republic, and the Ministry of the Presidency. These entities form a coalition to support the development of artificial intelligence and the knowledge economy in the region.

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