Local January 30, 2024 | 8:33 am

DNI legislation discussions extend to additional sectors

Santo Domingo.- The dialogue between the government and dissenting sectors regarding Law 1-24, which establishes the National Directorate of Investigations (DNI), resumes this Tuesday with the aim of reaching a consensus on revising the contentious legislation.

This second round of discussions will occur at the premises of the Listín Diario newspaper in the Miraflores sector of the National District, starting at 5:00 in the afternoon. The dialogue, initiated last Monday at El Nuevo Diario offices, is scheduled to continue on Tuesday, February 30, Wednesday, February 31, and Thursday, February 1.

Prompted by President Luis Abinader’s request after the Dominican Society of Newspapers, Inc. (SDD) raised concerns that Law 1-24 infringes on rights such as freedom of expression, privacy, and protection of personal data, the talks are facilitated by government representatives including Antoliano Peralta, legal consultant of the Executive Branch, and Luis Soto, Director of the National Investigation Department (DNI). The SDD is represented by its president Persio Maldonado Sánchez (general director of El Nuevo Diario), Aníbal de Castro (vice president of the journalistic entity and president of Diario Libre), and Manuel Tapia López, legal advisor and treasurer.

Other societal sectors are invited to this Tuesday’s meeting to broaden perspectives and suggestions, fostering consensus or reconciliation on the DNI’s creation. Invitees include Ombudsman Pablo Ulloa, Aurelio Henríquez (president of the Dominican College of Journalists), Sergio Tulio Castaños (vice president of FINJUS), and Lezzie Sánchez Padilla (coordinator of Citizen Participation).

Also attending are Nuria Piera, head of the Chapultepec Index subcommittee of Press Freedom of the IAPA; César Dargam, executive vice president of CONEP; and Claudia García, executive director of the Association of Communication and Technology Companies.

Following the first meeting, Maldonado Sánchez emphasized the goal of resolving concerns arising from Law 1-24, particularly regarding threats to free expression, privacy, and fundamental rights outlined in the Constitution. The SDD focused on articles 9, 11, and 26 in the first meeting but aims to review the entire law’s content in subsequent discussions.

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Paul Tierney
January 30, 2024 9:37 am

This DNI thing should be dumped. Its present ambiguous language brings cause to many believing it can abuse the people’s rights to speak out against unreasonable behaviors.