Local January 30, 2024 | 4:11 pm

RD$1.800 million committed to boost the Dominican film industry

Santo Domingo.- The film industry is kicking off the year on a positive note, with the Intersectoral Council for the Promotion of Cinematographic Activity of the Dominican Republic (CIPAC) announcing a private sector investment exceeding RD$1.800 million to support Dominican film productions in its inaugural meeting of the year.

Chaired by the Minister of Culture, Milagros Germán, the CIPAC meeting took place at the Dominican Cinematheque.

This significant milestone signifies a major boost for the promotion of the crucial creative economy sector. The achievement is attributed to the trust cultivated among investors by CIPAC, an entity responsible for transparently and efficiently regulating, managing, and allocating resources earmarked for stimulating the national film industry.

The outlook for the Dominican Republic’s film industry in the current year appears highly favorable, buoyed by the favorable conditions provided by the state under Law No. 108-10 for the Promotion of Cinematographic Activity in the Dominican Republic. Additionally, the zero-bureaucracy policy implemented by the Government of President Luis Abinader contributes to the positive forecasts.

During the meeting, 16 film projects received validation under the aforementioned law. These include titles such as “The Custodian of the Virgin,” “The Conqueror of the Caribbean,” “The Shark,” “Matinino,” “The Short Life of the Flowers,” “Melodrama,” “Jaime Colson: Renew or Die,” “Operations Morocco,” “The Conquest of a Recluse,” “Tigueraje,” “La 42: La Calle de los Hombres,” “1988: El Rumor,” “One Wave at a Time,” and “Exatlon 2022.”

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January 30, 2024 5:57 pm

thats about 32k US$. What a Joke !!!! There are local rappers that pay more for their video clip production for tictoc or youtube.