Local January 31, 2024 | 8:19 am

George Nader donates land for tourism school in Miches

Santo Domingo.- Entrepreneur George Nader has announced a significant contribution to the establishment of a tourism school in Miches by donating land for its construction.

The announcement was made during the event “Miches: Heading towards a reality,” attended by the Minister of Tourism, David Collado. Collado, acknowledging the donation, stated that the Ministry of Tourism would oversee the construction of the school for whoever provides the land. Responding to this, Nader affirmed, “The minister can rely on the donated land required for the construction of the tourism school, fostering professional and technical training for future employees, contributing to the development of Miches.”

Nader’s gesture aligns with the goal of creating opportunities for the youth of Miches and the neighboring communities.

He emphasized the importance of ensuring that communities benefit from the economic activities associated with the ongoing projects in Miches. Nader stressed the need for academic and professional preparedness, introducing the initiative “In Miches, there is a Future.” Educational activities have already raised awareness among more than 150 young people in the Miches community, highlighting the tourism potential of the region and the employment and entrepreneurial opportunities it offers as a sustainable development path for the productive age group in the area.

Nader expressed his commitment to continuing various programs throughout the year and announced plans to open an office in the center of Miches to streamline community operations.

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