Local January 31, 2024 | 1:00 pm

Park rangers locate three missing individuals at Loma Isabel de Torres

Santo Domingo.- Park rangers at the Loma Isabel de Torres natural monument successfully located three individuals who had been missing since Monday in the trails of the Puerto Plata mountain.

Park ranger Andrés Guzmán, leading the rescue group exploring Las Caobas and the Río Violón, made contact with the three individuals, who had departed through the La Tachuela area.

Ambulances are en route to provide care to the located individuals.

Emely Gil, in charge of the Emergency Assistance Department of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MMARN), explained that various rescue forces, including a helicopter from the Dominican Republic Air Force (FARD), drones from the 911 Emergency System, and the Gregorio Luperón Airport, joined the search efforts for Felipe Emiliano, Alfonso Limouzaine, and Mariacela Aguilar on Wednesday, in coordination with the Emergency Operations Center (COE).

Two ambulances are positioned in the area, one from the Ámbar team and another from the Directorate of Out-of-Hospital Emergencies (DAEH), along with two patrols from the National Police.

“Since the moment of the report, park ranger teams in the area, Civil Defense, Ámbar Rescue Group, and the community have been involved in the search, and so far, they have not received any news,” stated Gil.

He explained that upon receiving information about the missing individuals from the natural monument administrator, Eliseo Hidalgo, search efforts were initiated with the park rangers.

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