Local February 1, 2024 | 3:18 pm

Pilot plan to reduce of working hours began today

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Labor has initiated a voluntary pilot plan aimed at reducing the working week from 44 to 36 hours, starting this Thursday. Three private companies and two public institutions have currently enrolled in the program, which spans six months, with three months dedicated to execution and three to gathering and processing information. The primary objective is to enhance the quality of life for employees while simultaneously boosting company productivity.

Minister Luis Miguel De Camps reported that if the initial results demonstrate positive outcomes, maintaining or increasing productivity while reducing work-related stress, the plan will be expanded. The intention is to encourage more companies to join this voluntary initiative.

De Camps clarified that if the plan proves successful, there won’t be a need to amend the Labor Code, which currently prescribes a 44-hour workweek. Instead, regulatory facilitations will be introduced to facilitate more widespread adoption. This will allow companies and workers to negotiate and apply the 36-hour workweek scheme as mutually agreed.

The participating companies include CLARO, IMCA, EGE HAINA, National Health Insurance (SENASA), and Single Beneficiary System (SIUBEN).

The analysis of the plan’s impact will be conducted by the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), focusing on the health and well-being of the workers, conciliation between work and family life, work absenteeism, and the overall contribution to the environment.

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Paul Tierney
February 2, 2024 8:32 am

If the result of this pilot plan does help the workers, it is fine. Just the same, will there be a barometer of service/production factors of the companies and institutions under this plan to justify advancing or retreat?