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Minerd and FARD sign agreement for civic-military training of 300 young people

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Education (Minerd) and the Dominican Republic Air Force (FARD) joined forces to launch “The Sky is the Limit” program. It’ll train 300 young people in civic-military activities to foster responsible citizenship.

The agreement was signed at the headquarters of the educational institution by the Minister of Education Ángel Hernández and the FARD director Major General Technical Aviation of the Dominican Republic Air Force, Carlos Ramón Febrillet Rodríguez.

Minister Hernández, while congratulating Major General Febrillet Rodríguez and his team, highlighted the value of “The Sky is the Limit,” aimed at strengthening the education in values of young people from different communities in the country, who will be trained in military arts and citizenship.

“For the Ministry of Education, it is a pleasure to partner with the Dominican Air Force in this project, which will contribute to the formation of leaders for the country in their respective communities, and will have a positive impact wherever the children interact; first, in their families and then in society,” the minister said during the signing ceremony.

Febrillet Rodríguez emphasized that the program will empower young people aged 17 to 22 to reach their full potential. “The sky is truly the limit for them,” he declared, “and we will equip them with the skills and values to become future leaders, whether as pilots, engineers, or changemakers in their communities. During the first block of the program, the 300 young people will be trained in military discipline, survival, and self-defense, with the purpose of enabling them to face the challenges that arise daily.

Minister Hernández was flanked by his cabinet director Clara Joa, inter-institutional relations head William Rosario, and Néstor Güílamo from the administrative vice-ministry. For the FARD, Colonel Ulises Vianney Guzmán Reyes (projects and programs) and First Lieutenant Julio A. Jorge (legal advisor) were present.

Comprehensive agreement

Through the agreement, Minerd commits to enabling, equipping, and operating the spaces at the San Isidro Air Base, Puerto Plata, and Barahona, where the program will be developed.

It will also provide, through the National Institute of Student Welfare (Inabie), the necessary food rations to cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the young people participating in the program, among other commitments.

In the meantime, the Air Force will make its infrastructure available to Minerd for the execution of the plans and programs that make up this alliance, and the tutors who will provide the young people with military, civic, and character training.

The agreement establishes that both institutions will organize and promote sporting events, such as friendly matches and exhibitions that will allow students to use the FARD facilities and to develop a joint work plan to achieve the objectives set out in the agreement.

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