Local February 3, 2024 | 9:24 am

Abinader says PRM victory is guaranteed

Santo Domingo—The president affirmed that all credible polls currently give him a strong preference that ranges between 58% and 64%.

The President of the Republic and candidate for reelection for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Luis Abinader, yesterday toured the communities of La Victoria and Pantoja, where he affirmed that on the 18th of this month, the triumph of the PRM and its allies is guaranteed since the population will give him massive support at the polls. In each of the communities visited, President Abinader reiterated that there were opposition candidates in eternal youth with 24%, but that if they continue as they are going, “they will go to eternal childhood.”

While leading a rally in the municipal district of La Victoria, Abinader assured that in this municipal district, in Santo Domingo Norte, and the country, the population would vote massively for the PRM.

Between 58% and 64%*.

The president affirmed that all polls currently give him a strong preference that oscillates between 58% and 64%, results higher than in the past months.

Abinader highlighted that in three years of administration in the municipal district of La Victoria, they have brought Infotep, an office of the Banco de Reservas, the Comedores Económicos, the entrance from the Circunvalación Avenue, the School Transportation System (TRAE), educational buildings and other vital initiatives.

Resounding triumph
Meanwhile, in Pantoja, President Abinader assured that the triumph of the candidates of this organization is guaranteed by the attention given by the current municipal administration and the government he heads. The PRM leader recalled that some would go to that distinction in search of votes, “and while they were in government, they did not solve a single problem for those who live there.” He recalled that when he came to the government, this community did not have a hospital, and for this year, this work has already been included in the budget, and the first quarter of 2025, it is scheduled to be delivered.

He indicated that the main ravines were cleaned up, and the remaining ones will be intervened in the next four years because the municipal director, Fidel de los Santos, continues to deepen the change.

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