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What is known about the case of the shipwrecked vessel that sank on its way to Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico—The Dominican consul in San Juan, Puerto Rico, César Cedeño, informed that this consular headquarters is in communication with the Department of State of Puerto Rico and with the corresponding coastal authorities, where he has received the report on the boat that sank last Wednesday, January 31, approximately two miles to the North of Puerto Rico and in which 45 people were allegedly traveling.

He expressed that 32 citizens of Dominican origin have been rescued, including three women, according to the information provided, a pregnant woman, another hospitalized and still receiving all medical attention, and 2 deceased.

The representative of the Dominican government on the island said that immediately after he learned of the tragedy of the Dominicans when the boat capsized, the consular headquarters informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the events.

“From the Consulate General of the Dominican Republic in San Juan, Puerto Rico, we regret the tragedy of the boat that sank with 45 people. Our heart and solidarity with the families of the citizens who are still missing or have died,” he said.

He also said that the Dominican Consulate immediately appointed a delegation of the Department of Protection of Nationals to go to the hospitals where the compatriots are being treated and to ensure that they receive the necessary care.

“This consular headquarters remains alert and attentive to the case as we obtain the corresponding information since it is a case that continues to develop,” he said.

He said “We are maintaining communication with the authorities of Puerto Rico as well as with the federal authorities and our Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” added the Consul General of the Dominican Republic in Puerto Rico.

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