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Minerd presents “Seguimos a mil” initiative to support families

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic (Minerd) has introduced a new initiative named “Seguimos a mil,” aiming to provide direct assistance to families with students enrolled in public schools. This program entails a contribution of one thousand pesos, accessible through the remittance system by the Reserve Bank.

This initiative follows the “Bono a mil” assistance program implemented at the end of the previous year in response to the impact of heavy rains on numerous families. Julio Cordero, the Vice Minister of Administrative Management, emphasized the significant impact of this support on beneficiary families, aiming to alleviate economic burdens, especially for those with limited incomes.

“Seguimos a mil” constitutes a one-time payment to parents or guardians, contingent upon the student’s enrollment confirmation in the public pre-university educational system within the official database. To check eligibility for the “Bono a mil por la Educación,” beneficiaries can access the consultation web portal at They need to enter their ID number, and the screen will display a validation message with their name, bonus amount, and the deposit method.

If a registered student is not found in the registry, the portal will prompt the user to initiate the self-registration process. Before proceeding, the system checks if any parents or guardians are already registered to receive the benefit via remittances.

After completing the validation steps in the consultation portal, the parent, mother, or guardian must click to register. A screen will appear, requiring them to enter their cell phone number and the student’s identification code (ID). The student’s ID is available in the enrollment history generated by the Information System for School Management (SIGERD) of the MINERD. For those unaware of the student’s ID, contacting the school of enrollment is recommended.

Minerd is actively working to ensure that these resources reach the families in need promptly.

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