Local February 7, 2024 | 2:33 pm

Army deploys forces to monitor border amid escalating tensions

Dajabón, DR.- In response to the recent shootings that unfolded in Juana Méndez, the Dominican Republic’s Army has mobilized a substantial force comprising armored units and helicopters to monitor the border region both by air and on land.

The intense gunfire, involving regular police, Bsap members, and the base 52 led by Guy Philippe, prompted the suspension of activities at the Codevi free zone’s textile park to ensure the safety of personnel from both Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

From last night to Wednesday morning, panic has gripped the population of Dajabón, with authorities on high alert due to the ongoing gunfire occurring just meters away on both sides of the border. In response to this tense situation, the General Command of the army has deployed armored units and helicopters from the tenth battalion to safeguard this section of the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Tensions in Haiti escalated following opposition coup leader Guy Philippe’s call for Prime Minister Ariel Henry to step down.

Juana Méndez witnessed a surge in violence as Haitian protesters, demanding the removal of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, set fire to the Juana Méndez Municipal City Hall offices. The demonstrations in that border area led to the burning of garbage collection trucks, Red Cross facilities, and part of the police station in the Haitian town. Haitian police intervened to disperse the protestors during the unrest.

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