Local February 7, 2024 | 11:05 am

Fast Pass: El Naranjal and Marbella toll stations in full-lane activation

Santo Domingo.- The RD Vial Trust coordinating office announced on Tuesday the activation of the Fast Pass service in the four lanes of the El Naranjal and Marbella toll stations, located on the northeast highway. This move integrates a modern electronic payment system aimed at expediting toll transactions in a secure and transparent manner.

RD Vial’s technology and operations departments explained that a digital transformation process is underway for all four toll stations in the northeast. Modern technological equipment and software are being installed to implement the Fast Pass system in its entirety over the coming weeks. The El Naranjal and Marbella tolls are the first to have all working lanes operational for vehicles equipped with the Fast Pass device.

Engineer Keither de la Cruz, technology advisor and project leader, highlighted the transition from previous toll management software to a more advanced platform. This upgrade allows for enhanced data integration, enabling centralized supervision and control of all tolls in the region.

Jean Luis Rodríguez, director of RD Vial, emphasized that alongside the new software’s efficiency, the modernization effort includes the installation of new hardware in the toll booths. This involves the incorporation of RFID reading devices, high-resolution cameras, and faster data processing systems to ensure accurate vehicle identification and smooth toll transactions.

Rodríguez emphasized that the introduction of the Fast Pass system is a long-awaited improvement for commuters, providing a safe and transparent means to expedite toll transactions and further modernize the entire toll network.

Regarding progress at other stations in the northeast, RD Vial reported that the Catey and Guaraguao stations are currently in the equipment installation and testing phase, with over 55% completion of the entire implementation process.

RD Vial urged citizens to support the digital transformation process for efficiency and modernization, acknowledging that interventions at the toll stations may cause temporary delays.

Citizens were encouraged to acquire the Fast Pass device, available at all stations in the northeast and the main RD Vial office in Naco. The device can also be purchased at various toll booths and designated points, maintaining a consistent price of RD$250.00, which includes a RD$200.00 recharge.

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