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ISFODOSU unveils new Professorship Career Path

ISFODOSU Rector Dr. Nurys del Carmen González.

Santo Domingo.- The Salomé Ureña Higher Institute for Teacher Training (ISFODOSU) presented its new Professorship Career Path Regulations to the educational community and the country. These regulations will guide the procedures for the entry, evaluation, continuous training, promotion, remuneration, and recognition of the teaching staff at the academy.

In a ceremony led by ISFODOSU Rector Dr. Nurys del Carmen González and Deputy Minister of Accreditation and Teacher Certification Dr. Francisco De Óleo, the academy detailed the regulations governing the implementation of the first career system specific to this entity specializing in teacher training.

The ISFODOSU Rector recalled that the institution originated from the normal schools, and that, therefore, its teachers belonged to the teaching career of the Ministry of Education.

“When ISFODOSU was created, the teachers who continued to enter the institution lacked a career that would regulate their teaching and institutional development, as well as the guarantees of stability that a career provides,” highlighted Dr. González.

She also emphasized the crucial importance of having qualified, motivated, and constantly updated and trained teachers to ensure that they can train future teachers called upon to transform Dominican pre-university education.

The Rector expressed her gratitude to President Luis Abinader Corona, Minister of Education Dr. Ángel Hernández, and Minister of Public Administration Dr. Darío Castillo for approving this instrument. She hailed it as a milestone in consolidating ISFODOSU’s position as a leading higher education entity.

During the event, the Vice Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Genaro Rodríguez, representing Dr. Franklin García Fermín, Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, praised the ISFODOSU initiative, which brings the institution closer to the language spoken by other higher education institutions in the country.

The Professorship Career Path Regulations were presented by David Capellán, current ISFODOSU Executive Vice-Rector, who was in charge of creating the career project.

Capellán presented the details of the career path to state authorities, university rectors, representatives of civil society entities, and a representation of the teaching staff of the academy.

The launch event, held in the ISFODOSU Auditorium, was also attended by former Minister of Education Jacqueline Malagón; the Rector of the Universidad Católica Nordestana, Father Issac García; and other rectors, officials, and teachers.

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