Local February 7, 2024 | 8:11 am

Teleantillas moves from Channel 2 to Channel 10

Santo Domingo.- Teleantillas executives have officially announced a shift in their programming to a new frequency, applicable to both open television and cable systems. The migration process from open television channel 2 to 10 commenced on February 1, with the changes already reflected in the programming grid of the Claro TV cable system.

The Corripio Media Group-owned channel has proactively communicated this frequency transition to its viewers, producers, clients, and agencies. This proactive approach aims to keep all stakeholders well-informed about the ongoing changes and ensure a smooth transition.

In a statement, the channel’s executives highlighted Teleantillas’ reputation as an innovative television channel, attributing its success to cutting-edge programming that caters to diverse family members. Viewers can now access a variety of content on channel 10 of Claro TV and digital terrestrial television, including Major League Baseball (MLB) games in high definition, featuring prominent sports commentators. Additionally, the channel continues to offer a mix of soap operas, newscasts, movies, local programs, and special events.

Teleantillas made its debut on October 15, 1979, initially broadcasting on channel 13 for the Northern region and channel 10 for the Southern zone and the Dominican capital. In the nineties, the channel extended its reach by repeating its signal on channel 21 of Telecable, a local network in the capital.

The inception of Teleantillas marked a significant shift in Dominican television, introducing modernity as the first channel to utilize stereo audio and teleprompter. The channel revolutionized programming by predominantly featuring international productions, such as novels, series, movies, and cartoons.

Throughout its evolution, Teleantillas has adapted its programming to include a diverse range of local productions, incorporating panel discussions, artistic programs, and sports content. These changes reflect the channel’s commitment to staying dynamic and relevant in the ever-evolving landscape of television.

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