Local February 8, 2024 | 2:32 pm

Apordom monitors Dominican ports amid unusual waves and atmospheric conditions

Santo Domino.- The Dominican Port Authority (Apordom), through its Engineering Directorate, issued a report on Thursday regarding the ongoing supervision and monitoring of various ports and docks across the Dominican Republic. This action is in response to the unusual occurrence of strong waves, reaching peaks of over six feet, due to atmospheric conditions.

Jean Luis Rodríguez, the executive director of Apordom, stated that technical teams from Apordom, in collaboration with the Dominican Republic Navy and the Specialized Port Security Corps (CESEP), are conducting continuous surveillance and assessments to prevent potential damage to the infrastructure.

Juan Miguel de los Santos, Apordom’s engineering director, emphasized that the current atmospheric phenomenon has brought south/southwest winds ranging from 15 to 20 knots, with isolated gusts of wind. He assured that monitoring for any damage caused by these atmospheric conditions is ongoing to ensure the proper functioning of port structures, including fishing docks.

In the interest of public awareness, de los Santos mentioned that operations at the docks across different provinces of the country remain active and without any incidents. Apordom is prepared to take necessary actions in case of adverse situations to prevent any impact on the infrastructure.

Furthermore, Apordom remains committed to implementing measures aligned with the directives of President Luis Abinader Corona’s government program, aiming to enhance the efficiency of port operations.

The National Meteorological Office, through its website, has advised operators of fragile, small, and medium-sized vessels from Cabo Isabela to Cabo Francés Viejo on the Atlantic coast to stay in port due to abnormal winds and waves, expected to persist until the following Monday. Caution is also recommended for navigation near the coastal perimeter on the rest of the Atlantic coast and in the Caribbean.

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