Local February 8, 2024 | 10:09 am

Port Cabo Rojo asserts infrastructure integrity

Pedernales, DR.- A video circulating on social media depicts erosion originating at the Cabo Rojo dock in the province of Pedernales. The first phase of this project was inaugurated on January 4 by President Luis Abinader, who personally led the arrival of the inaugural cruise at the terminal.

In response to the video, representatives of the Port Cabo Rojo construction clarified in a statement that the infrastructure remains intact and undamaged. They explained that the footage captures a landslide of provisional construction material caused by intense winds affecting the Caribbean Sea with unusual swells. The temporary material’s outer layer was affected, but the core infrastructure meets the highest quality standards in the port industry.

The statement further mentioned that they will resume work on the project, focusing on the reconstruction of the filling and execution of the protection wall.

Regarding the first phase of Cabo Rojo, inaugurated on January 4 with the arrival of the inaugural cruise, the destination offers a free rest area, restaurants, and fishing village-inspired swimming pools. The second stage will include interactive spaces, a lazy river, national and international shops, and an exclusive spa. The third stage will feature a water park, serving as the development icon of Pedernales.

Port Cabo Rojo highlights emblematic attractions in Pedernales, such as a tour in the Oviedo Lagoon, extreme adventures between the Bauxite mine, and panoramic views. Additionally, the tourist destination boasts a gastronomy rich in seafood.

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