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Sustainable tourism in DR: VP stresses economic and cultural benefits

Santo Domingo.- Vice President Raquel Peña expressed that continuing to develop sustainable tourism is crucial for the Dominican Republic, as it contributes to the economy while simultaneously promoting local culture and production.

“Promoting sustainable tourism and fostering environmental and ocean conservation are objectives we support because they can coordinate concrete actions for the benefit of the country’s communities,” highlighted Peña during her participation in the launch of the Genera ITM Foundation, a private initiative to promote sustainable tourism.

The vice president emphasized that protecting natural resources is a shared responsibility, underscoring the need to collaborate with the private sector and civil society.

The Genera ITM Foundation aims to promote programs in the ports operated by ITM Group in the country, with the goal of preserving the environment, local cultures, and improving people’s quality of life.

Genera ITM is a second-tier foundation with the objective of improving people’s quality of life through economic development in the communities where the Group’s three projects are located: Puerto Plata, Pedernales, and soon Samaná, promoting local sustainable tourism and environmental and ocean conservation.

The foundation’s strategic programs focus on creating dignified jobs and small to medium-sized business ventures in local communities, promoting human rights with a cultural focus, implementing circular ports to eliminate single-use plastics, and managing solid waste from ports and communities where it operates.

As part of the launch, teacher Lludy Melizha Terrero was introduced as the director of the Genera ITM Foundation, an organization aiming to initiate a renewed chapter in the trajectory toward sustainable development, in conjunction with a commitment to environmental conservation and the management of natural resources.

Based on principles of fair employment, respect for the natural environment, and safeguarding the seas, the Foundation aims to promote tangible initiatives in maritime enclaves under the administration of ITM Group in the Dominican territory, including Port Cabo Rojo, Port Taino Bay, and soon, Port Samaná.

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