Local February 10, 2024 | 9:01 am

With Claro TV+, more than 5 thousand customers enjoy the television revolution

Santo Domingo—Claro TV, the country’s best and most complete television service, revolutionized by becoming Claro TV+, a more innovative entertainment experience. This integrates multiple streaming services and live local and international channels into a single platform, which customers can enjoy in the comfort of their homes or wherever they are through any mobile device with an internet connection.

The Claro TV+ service has been available to customers since last November. More than 5,000 customers enjoy the most complete service in the market and its innovative features, which are open to all who wish to enhance their entertainment experience. The features that stand out the most are:

Direct access to the best applications, including YouTube, Netflix, and Prime Video. In addition to live streaming programming with an extensive catalog of on-demand content, free series and movies from Claro Video, which includes all Paramount+ content, additional packages, app downloads, music, and video games with Google Play.

Mobility, they can take the TV with them everywhere. All live TV channels move wherever they are, with the mobile app or from the web they can watch their favorite shows on any device.

Shariff Quiñones, manager of the Fixed & Data Marketing Consumer Segment, said: “We are pleased to fulfill once again our commitment to continue innovating the portfolio of products and services, to adapt to the changing needs of our customers, and thus continue offering them practical and innovative alternatives with multiple advantages in this era of connectivity and digital transformation, allowing them to enjoy the best experience, in the network with the best coverage and fastest speed in the country.”

About plans and prices

Enjoying all these new features and benefits at the same price as the previous plans is possible. Find all the details on the company’s website, www.claro.com.do.

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