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Abinader heads caravan in different municipalities of Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo, DR—The presidential candidate for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Luis Abinader, said on Saturday that what is happening in the different routes he is making in favor of the candidates of the ruling party is a “popular tsunami.”

Abinader made a tour this Saturday to support the mayoral candidates in Los Alcarrizos, Santo Domingo Oeste, and Santo Domingo Norte.

In a brief speech, Abinader mentioned a series of works carried out by the Government in favor of these demarcations, mentioning the extension of the Metro and the construction of the Cable Car in Los Alcarrizosthe sanitation of the Cañada de Guajimia and the expansion of Los Beisbolistas Avenue, in Santo Domingo Oeste.

“We are working in that way and that is why what is happening right now, I tell you, is a popular tsunami in favor of the candidates of the Modern Revolutionary Party and its allied organizations,” he said.

This reaction of the PRM presidential candidate was upon his arrival in the municipality of Santo Domingo Oeste to tour that demarcation in the company of the mayoral candidate for the town, Francisco Peña.

Abinader arrived from Los Alcarrizos after leading a huge demonstration in support of the continuity of change and the municipal candidates.

He assured Junior Santos, in Los Alcarrizos; Francisco Peña, in Santo Domingo Oeste. And Betty GerónimoSanto Domingo Norte, is guaranteed victory in the elections this coming Sunday, February 18.

Santo Domingo Norte and Los Alcarizzos

Abinader closed his political day on Saturday with a large caravan march in Los Guaricanos, Santo Domingo Norte, and Betty Gerónimo, candidate for mayor of the municipality, where he toured the different streets of the aforementioned sector.

Before the start, in the Guaricanos, he said that the candidate for Mayor, Betty Gerónimo, would win by more than 15 points.

He indicated that there will be a single government with Geronimo in the mayor’s office of the municipality, which will be better for the benefit of the municipalities, doing the big works for the government and the small ones for the mayor’s office.

Abinader began the caravans this Saturday after 11:30 a.m. in the municipality of Los Alcarrizos, where the great sympathy of the municipalities towards the PRM candidates and allies was observed.

Sunday, February 11

The PRM presidential candidate will travel to the province of La Vega and tour the municipalities of Jarabacoa and Constanza.

The tour will begin at 10:00 a.m. with a caravan march in the municipality of Jarabacoa with the candidate for re-election, Yunior Torres. Then, in Constanza, he will carry out a caravan march with Kiko Marte and the candidates for municipal positions in that demarcation.

At 3:00 p.m., Abinader will close his day with a large caravan march in the National District supporting the candidate for re-election, Carolina Mejía.

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