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Merchants say “customers have not yet begun to shop for Valentine’s Day gifts”

Santo Domingo—Heart-shaped chocolate cups, flower arrangements, hearts with arrows in the center, and large and small stuffed animals are some options exhibited in the aisles of the different stores and commercial businesses before the celebration of Valentine’s Day this February 14.

This was confirmed by a team of reporters from Listín Diario while they were touring the commercial stalls on Duarte Avenue.

Even though merchants are prepared with items for sale to celebrate this special day in style, sellers believe that sales are still weak compared to other years.

As they explained, people have not yet come regularly in search of options to make their gifts.

However, with an atmosphere full of romance, the shops welcome this memorable date with red balloons that adorn their aisles and entrance doors and display garments of the same color.

Karl Luna, a store manager, said sales have not been stable, saying some shoppers have complained about a lack of money.

However, he maintains expectations for the week.

“You know that for lovers, there are always rooms,” Luna said.

In an interior store, Marinolis Arias, a saleswoman, believes sales are weak. Still, in the last three days, they have increased a little, with baby doll pajamas, boxers, erotic games, robes, and tights being the items that are most in demand.

Víctor Alcántara, a vendor of almost 30 years in this area, says that sales have not yet increased to date and that compared to other years, the movement of people in the streets was more visible.

María Alcalá, in charge of Customer Service at a store, explains that “sales are very weak, people only enter to check the prices of the items and leave without comparing anything.”

Alcalá assures that although they have available rates with a cost from RD$100 and stuffed animals from RD$750 onwards, depending on the size, they have managed to sell very little.

Some of the new and most awaited products to commemorate this significant date are stuffed animals, a set of perfumes and lingerie of all kinds, as well as accessories such as watches, a set of chains for couples (heart divided in half), earrings, rings among others.

Some merchants, such as Michel Reyes, allege that sales in general have dropped significantly after the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they clarify that sales have not stopped, but not with the same intensity and enthusiasm.

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