Local February 11, 2024 | 11:00 am

Omar Castillo: “Luis Abinader is the fairest president the Dominican Republic has ever had”

Boca Chica—The leadership of the Movimiento Conectados con el Cambio, which is working throughout the country for the reelection of President Luis Abinader, headed by political leader Omar García Castillo, was sworn in by the Partido Revolucionario Moderno (PRM), in a multitudinous act overflowing with enthusiasm in the Cancha Centro of the Andrés municipality, Boca Chica.

In his speech after being sworn in, García Castillo said that the Connected with Change Movement emerged in August 2021, inspired by the progressive ideals and the “people first” preaching of the late leader of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), José Francisco Peña Gómez.

He added that the movement’s political work is developed and motivated by the favorable exercise of the government headed by President Luis Abinader Corona, which entirely coincides with the thinking and action in favor of the majority practiced by the late PRD leader.

“This movement is highly connected and committed to the values of creating a Dominican Republic with more opportunities for women, youth, and the elderly, with equality; and all this is going to be achieved by supporting our president Luis Abinader, who will continue to govern the Dominican people,” he stressed.

García Castillo maintained, amidst the applause of the audience, that Luis Abinader is the most honorable president that has ever governed the Dominican Republic.

“He is the most just and honest president we have had; he is a statesman who received the government in times of great difficulties, such as the Covid-19 pandemic and we were the country internationally valued as the one that best recovered overcoming the pandemic, so we were a reference for the countries of the region at a sanitary level,” he said.

He explained that Abinader is the president who has made the most significant investments in the health sector, doubling the budget for medicines and supplies, which had not received any increase for more than fourteen years.

“Among the achievements of President Abinader’s government, we have more hospitals, more housing; we achieved a record number of ten million tourists this year; increase in the salaries of the National Police, to the fire department. He has invested considerably in the elderly and has produced independence in the justice system, demonstrating that he is attached to the great values”, said García Castillo.

He pointed out that due to the positive results achieved in his first government, President Abinader deserves to be reelected for another four years starting August 16, 2024.

He emphasized that the Movement Connected with Change is working throughout the country so that President Abinader wins in the first round of the elections on May 16.

Juan Rosa, president of the Movements in Support of President Luis Abinader, swore in the board of directors.

Also present at the ceremony were Josefa Castillo, member of the Executive Committee of the PRM; Jheyson García Castillo, candidate for deputy for constituency number 3; Ramón Candelaria, candidate for mayor of the municipality of Boca Chica, and candidates for councilors Luis Carlos Madera and Wilmer Santos.

Also, Víctor Henríquez, president of the PRM in Boca Chica; the president of the PRM in Santo Domingo East, Adan Peguero; Leocadia Núñez, candidate for vice mayor in Boca Chica; the former candidate for the presidency of the Dominican Bar Association, Johan López.

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