Local February 13, 2024 | 1:13 pm

Attorney General’s Office responds to claims of funds withholding

Santo domingo.- The Attorney General’s Office in Santo Domingo responded on Tuesday, stating that it does not withhold funds from any entity and strictly adheres to its legal obligations. The clarification comes in response to a peaceful march by the Dominican College of Notaries, demanding the release of over 113 million pesos they claim is unlawfully withheld to their detriment.

The Attorney General’s Office emphasized its monthly delivery of funds to the Dominican College of Notaries (Codenot), as mandated by Law 140-15 and agreements related to certification payments for notarial signatures. The law specifies a payment of RD$100 for any notarial act requiring the certification of a notary’s signature in the Attorney General’s Office.

Dismissing the alleged debt of over 100 million pesos as a “fallacy,” the Attorney General’s Office refuted the claim, stating it lacks any basis and is built on assumptions. The office highlighted inter-institutional agreements signed in 2005 concerning the collection of services provided by the Attorney General’s Office to citizens.

The Attorney General’s Office reiterated its compliance with the law, emphasizing that it has consistently paid the stipulated amounts in accordance with agreements reached with Codenot over the years. Additionally, it pointed out that the Superior Administrative Court previously declared inadmissible the protection action filed by the Dominican College of Notaries, with the Public Ministry prevailing in the case. The court ruled the action inadmissible due to a lack of active standing, as outlined in Law No. 137-11, the Organic Law of Constitutional Procedures, and the Constitutional Court.

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