Local February 13, 2024 | 10:18 am

Government initiates second phase of National Police reform

Santo Domingo.- The Government is set to initiate the second phase of the National Police reform this week, according to an announcement by Joel Santos, the Minister of the Presidency, on Monday. This development follows a meeting of the Joint Task Force at the National Police Palace, where the newly appointed executive commissioner for the reform, Colombian Luis Ernesto García Hernández, was introduced. García Hernández takes over from the outgoing Spanish executive, José Vila, in overseeing the reform process.

The comprehensive reform initiative, unveiled by President Luis Abinader in August 2022, outlines a strategic plan for the educational transformation of the National Police, spanning a six-year period. The overarching objective of this plan is to usher in a new educational model for the police force, introducing academic improvements over the next six years. The reforms are designed to elevate the quality of performance within the law enforcement body and foster a more secure environment for citizens.

President Abinader emphasized the need for a thorough and sustained approach to reform, focusing on the long-term vision of creating a police force that not only adheres to the highest professional standards but also actively contributes to enhancing the overall climate of citizen security. The six-year timeframe underscores the government’s commitment to implementing substantive changes that will shape the future of the National Police, ensuring a more effective and responsive law enforcement apparatus.

The appointment of García Hernández as the executive commissioner signals a new phase in the reform process, bringing fresh perspectives and expertise to the ongoing efforts aimed at strengthening and modernizing the National Police. As the second phase unfolds, stakeholders anticipate further developments in line with the overarching goal of enhancing the educational framework and operational capabilities of the National Police.

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