Local February 13, 2024 | 2:13 pm

President of Parlacen and U.S. Embassy officials held meeting

Santo Domingo.- The President of the Central American Parliament (Parlacen), Silvia García Polanco, held a meeting this Tuesday with officials from the United States embassy in the Dominican Republic.

According to the provided information, the meeting covered various regional and global topics, with a focus on critical issues such as human rights, climate change, and democratic governance.

García Polanco emphasized the significance of empowered women leading discussions in these organizations, anticipating positive outcomes for the community.

Brooke de Montluzin, the Deputy Counselor for Political and Economic Affairs at the United States Embassy in the Dominican Republic, expressed satisfaction with the productive conversation held with the Parlacen President.

Additionally, de Montluzin highlighted Parlacen’s crucial role in advancing democracy and human rights, combating climate change, and supporting the rights of indigenous peoples, women, and children. She also celebrated the increasing representation of women in leadership positions in the region.

The meeting underscores the commitment of both parties to strengthen collaboration on crucial issues for the development and well-being of the Central American and Caribbean region.

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