Health February 15, 2024 | 10:14 am

Minerd and Public Ministry probe pesticide poisoning at Cenoví school

San Francisco de Macorís, DR.- The Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic (Minerd), in collaboration with the Public Ministry, is currently investigating an incident involving 22 students and five teachers from the Max Henríquez Ureña school in the municipal district of Cenoví, Duarte province. The individuals experienced health problems following the fumigation of an area near the educational center.

To address this matter, personnel from the General Directorate of the School Police, along with educational authorities, conducted thorough surveys to ensure compliance with legal procedures.

The health issues arose around 9 in the morning during a mass celebrating Ash Wednesday. According to reports, students were the first to detect the presence of chemicals in the environment.

The preliminary report indicates that cases of students experiencing symptoms like dizziness and nausea were documented. Simultaneously, some teachers reported skin allergies and vomiting.

Jocelyn Jiménez Concepción, the campus director, along with the affected students and teachers, were promptly transported to various health centers in the vicinity. They received treatment and were subsequently discharged. The investigation is ongoing to determine the circumstances and address any potential implications in accordance with the law.

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