Local February 19, 2024 | 8:10 am

PRM secures overwhelming victory in 2024 municipal elections

Santo domingo.- The conclusion of the 16-hour continuous coverage on the “Electoral Battle 2024: municipal elections,” led by journalist Alicia Ortega and a panel of experts, underscored the decisive triumph of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) over the opposition, along with a notable increase in electoral abstention.

Historian and analyst Bernardo Vega expressed concern over the opposition’s significant losses in Santiago and Santo Domingo Norte, considering them detrimental to a faction that initially held 52 out of 158 mayoralties. Vega predicted a diminishing role for the opposition in the years to come.

The initial electoral bulletin from the Central Electoral Board, released at 8:00 pm, indicated a clear trend favoring the PRM, securing victories in key regions such as the National District, Santo Domingo Este, Santo Domingo Norte, Los Alcarrizo, Santiago, La Vega, San Francisco de Macorís, and San Cristóbal—major political hubs due to their dense population.

Political scientist Rosario Espinal emphasized the projected high abstention in these elections, surpassing the levels observed in 2020 during the pandemic. Espinal attributed the opposition’s lackluster performance to being “derailed, divided, without direction, and failing to motivate voters.” According to Espinal, this is particularly evident among voters of the PLD (Dominican Liberation Party), who seem uncertain about their course of action.

Espinal cautioned that while the election results favor the government, they should serve as a wake-up call. He pointed out that both the opposition and the government need to enhance their efforts in motivating voters, as persistently high abstention rates could pose a challenge for the PRM to expand its voting base.

Looking ahead to the presidential elections, Espinal identified the challenge for Luis Abinader as the need to broaden his electoral base. He emphasized the importance of not only winning power but also legitimizing it by mobilizing a significant electoral support base.

Journalist Patricia Solano added her perspective, stating that “abstention won” due to parties and politicians failing to connect with the people. She criticized the political discourse, noting that politicians often communicate amongst themselves without addressing the crucial issues that concern the public. Solano concluded by urging self-reflection and a commitment to discussing matters of genuine interest to the people during campaigns.

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