Local February 20, 2024 | 8:48 am

Abinader affirms commitment to safeguard agriculture under DR-Cafta

Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader announced that the Dominican Government is actively seeking alternatives to safeguard national agricultural production, a pursuit that has continued for 18 years since the inception of the Free Trade Agreement among the United States, Central America, and the Dominican Republic (DR-Cafta).

He emphasized the urgency of addressing this matter swiftly to develop a viable solution by 2025, ensuring it does not adversely impact the national productive system while guaranteeing food security.

During a gathering of key stakeholders today, the president reassured the Dominican people that significant progress is being made, and he pledged to have the situation fully resolved by 2025.

President Abinader pointed out that despite the calendar ending in January 2025, the rules outlined in the agreement would persist as long as the Dominican Republic remains a member of DR-Cafta. He clarified that only products from countries within the Agreement would enjoy tariff-free entry into the country.

Specifically addressing the issue of rice, he mentioned that alternative measures are under consideration, aligning with the commitments of the Dominican State within both the treaty and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Recognizing the importance of rice as a staple in the country’s diet, with production spanning over 20 provinces and involving more than 30,000 producers, the government is implementing measures to streamline production processes and facilitate farmers’ access to more affordable credit.

President Abinader conveyed these developments while participating in LA Semanal con la Prensa, where he elaborated on various issues of national significance with multiple media outlets.

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