Local February 20, 2024 | 10:03 am

Cultural Center of Spain adds vibrancy to carnival celebration

Santo Domingo.- The Cultural Center of Spain has announced a new edition of ‘Carnival from the Center’ to coincide with the celebration of Carnival 2024. Scheduled from Tuesday, February 20 to Thursday, February 22, the event will feature the participation of artists, folklorists, anthropologists, musicians, and cultural managers.

The program for this year includes conferences, videos, and presentations by carnival groups. The activities, led by Santiago carnival folklorist Josué Gómez and comparsa promoter José Miguel de la Rosa, will commence at 7:00 pm. Coordination of the event is under the guidance of researcher and anthropologist Soraya Aracena.

Two conferences will focus on the Santiago de los Caballeros carnival, highlighting the Piglets troupes, specifically the Joyeras and Pepineras masks. These names are associated with historic neighborhoods in the city with a carnival tradition, possibly originating from colonial-era bullfights in Jacagua in honor of Santiago Apóstol.

Another featured carnival expression at ‘Carnaval desde el Centro’ will be the Cochías, masked men from Candelón, Luperón, Puerto Plata province. They create masks using bone elements, such as a cow’s pelvis, adorned with vibrant colors and fabrics.

The third conference will explore the theme of disguised individuals known as Indians, inspired by the Taínos, the first inhabitants upon Christopher Columbus’s arrival in 1492. This theme originated in the San Carlos neighborhood of Santo Domingo.

‘Carnival from the Center’ serves as a multidisciplinary platform for the knowledge and dissemination of Dominican Republic’s carnival expressions—a festival introduced by Spain in the 15th century. It stands as the country’s oldest and most eagerly anticipated celebration, deeply embedded in the cultural fabric.

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