Local February 21, 2024 | 2:48 pm

Firefighters battle ongoing blaze at Soto Landfill in La Vega

La Vega, DR.- Six days after the ignition at the Soto landfill in La Vega, personnel from the local Fire Department are still grappling with efforts to control the flames.

General César Arturo Abreu Almanzar, the district’s Fire Department chief, stated that their ongoing work aims to bring the fire under control. However, he highlighted the challenge posed by sunny days and breezy conditions.

Expressing hope to extinguish the flames by Thursday, he mentioned ongoing interference from individuals who persist in reigniting sections that have been previously extinguished.

The general highlighted various limitations, including the inaccessibility of vehicles to reach certain areas due to several trucks being out of service, and hoses being damaged by the fire.

Furthermore, he reported that four firefighters have received treatment for asphyxiation and lack of oxygenation during their operations.

Mayor Kelvin Cruz condemned the incident, expressing his refusal to believe it is a result of political sabotage or resistance.

The Soto landfill, operating for two decades in the community, continues to receive waste, even from municipal authorities in La Vega, despite continuous recommendations for its technical closure.

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