Local February 22, 2024 | 5:21 pm

PLD candidate for senator in Dajabón affirms evidence of election triumph despite electoral board results

Santo Domingo.- Sonia Mateo, the Dominican Liberation Party’s (PLD) candidate for senator in Dajabón province, has reiterated the party’s confidence in having the necessary documentation and evidence to prove Fiordaliza Pichardo’s victory before the Superior Electoral Court. Despite the Central Electoral Board’s final results, Mateo claims that their organization emerged victorious in the main municipality last Sunday.

Mateo, who holds both the status of a candidate and a member of the provincial leadership of the PLD in the border province, alleges that irregularities occurred during the elections. She specifically mentioned the refusal of the director of the Electoral Boards to open an envelope containing 11 votes, which, according to PLD delegate Danilo Diaz, would confirm Pichardo’s victory as the mayor of Dajabón.

In an intervention on the El Sol de la Mañana program from Dajabón, Mateo expressed concern over the alleged use of CODEVI Free Trade Zone facilities to support the government and PRM representatives who pressured for the victory of the current mayor, Santiago Riverón.

Mateo announced that a silent march, dressed in mourning with black and white attire and with a ribbon over their mouths as a symbolic protest, will take place on Thursday afternoon in Dajabón. The objective is to draw attention to what the PLD perceives as an attempt to steal their victory. She appealed to the President of the Republic to intervene and resolve the issue to prevent further tensions in a province already dealing with neighboring country problems.

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