Health February 25, 2024 | 9:52 am

SNS delivers more than RD$29 million in equipment to four hospitals in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo – The director of the National Health Service (SNS), Mario Lama, delivered more than 29 million pesos in medical equipment for four hospitals of the Regional Metropolitan Health Service (SRSM) to strengthen the attention to the users who come to these centers.

The head of the SNS said that this equipment is part of Luis Abinader’s government plan to improve the quality of care for Dominicans. “We have to continue saving lives, which is the most important thing, to provide quality service in hospitals and that a patient should not be told there is no such thing when they arrive at a public health center.”

Dr. Mario Lama also highlighted that thanks to the constant interventions of remodeling, equipment, and appointment of new collaborators in the health centers, there has been an increase in services never seen before, “Since 2021,5 the amount of services that the Public Network has reported in January has never been reflected,” he emphasized.

Likewise, he called on the collaborators in all the benefited hospitals to make proper use of the equipment and translate it into services, the reinforcement of their centers.

Equipment delivered
The Darío Contreras Hospital received a vascular, orthopedic C-arm, and nine five-parameter vital monitors with a wall base for a total of RD$6,645,766.63.

The El Almirante Hospital received a medium-sized electric autoclave and a digital monopolar/bipolar electrosurgical scalpel with cart, valued at over one million pesos.

Likewise, the Ciudad Juan Bosch Hospital received a portable digital X-Ray with printer, two instrument trays (one for minor surgery and the other for IUD insertion), two examination couches with three positions, five wheelchairs for adults, a five-drawer file, two clinical office desks, four stackable metal chairs, two executive armchairs with P20 arm, two computers with UPS, a medical office display case and 15 computers complete with UPS, valued at 5.8 million pesos.

Meanwhile, Dr. Francisco Vicente Castro Sandoval Hospital (Hospital Nuevo de Boca Chica) received an echocardiograph, a three-channel adult pediatric electrocardiograph with cart, digital mammography, an intrauterine and cardio fetal activity monitor, three standard binocular microscopes, 25 five-section metal shelves, a placenta crusher, six instrument trays (three for minor surgery and three for IUD insertion) and three LED goose-neck examination lamps.

Also, seven three-position examination couches, three three-drawer files, a five-drawer metal file, four clinical office desks, a laboratory refrigerator (reagent), eight visitor’s chairs, four P20 executive chairs, ten C7 comfortable swivel chairs, a 42-inch LED television with wall base, three office display cases and 15 computers complete with UPS, with a total investment of RD$15,535,385.76.

The delivery of the equipment took place in the different hospitals. The directors of the SNS attended it, Alexander Ramírez of Infrastructure and Equipment and Yoany Arias of Clinical Laboratories and Medical Imaging, as well as Edisson Féliz Féliz, director of the SRS Metropolitano, the directors of the benefited health centers and collaborators.

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