Local February 26, 2024 | 2:15 pm

Duarte highway transformation: paving the way for national development

Santo Domingo.- The administration of President Luis Abinader, under the guidance of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC), is undertaking a monumental transformation of the Duarte Highway. This ambitious project, the most extensive since its establishment in 1922, aims to position the Duarte Highway as the most advanced thoroughfare in the country, serving as a crucial hub for national development.

Directed by Engineer Deligne Ascención Burgos, the MOPC is executing a comprehensive reconstruction, expansion, and modernization initiative spanning over 270 kilometers round trip from kilometer 9 in Santo Domingo to the municipality of Navarrete. The project encompasses lane expansion, intersection modernization, construction of new bridges, eradication of illegal crossings, and the implementation of measures to enhance road safety.

Completed works, including the Santiago-Navarrete section, the revamped Santiago entrance, the operational Pontón bridge in La Vega, and the imminent completion of the La Vega-Santiago section expansion, underscore the government’s dedication to fostering connectivity between cities and regions. This commitment is poised to stimulate production, commerce, transportation, and tourism.

The forthcoming extension of the Duarte Highway to Montecristi, coupled with major infrastructure and tourism ventures in Manzanillo Bay, is anticipated to have a substantial impact on national development. This transformative endeavor not only focuses on upgrading the Duarte Highway but also incorporates associated projects to enhance connectivity, reduce travel time and expenses, and fortify the nationwide road infrastructure. This holistic approach includes the rehabilitation of roads, construction of access roads, and repair of strategic bridges, all strategically designed to propel progress and efficiency in the Dominican transportation network.

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