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DGA upgrades Data Center for enhanced efficiency and security

Santo Domingo.- The General Directorate of Customs (DGA) has undertaken a comprehensive renewal of its Data Center to centralize the management of the institution’s services.

This renovation adheres to international operations and maintenance standards, introducing new applications for both local and international logistics customs services.

Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, the general director of Customs, emphasized that the country’s economic growth and technological advancements have necessitated government institutions to swiftly adopt the electronic government’s integration and operational vision.

“With such an advanced infrastructure, the DGA can efficiently adapt to technological changes and provide customs services in a transparent, efficient, and timely manner,” stated the official.

Key features of the new Data Center include reliability and service continuity, supported by two 80 KVA UPS to ensure continuous operation. The center is designed to withstand natural disasters, guaranteeing uninterrupted and reliable functionality.

Adhering to international standards, the design ensures robust and high-speed connectivity, offering objective validation of reliability and quality.

For enhanced security and protection, the new Data Center incorporates three levels of physical access, including biometric and proximity cards. It features an intrusion alarm detection system, video surveillance monitoring, and armored entry doors, ensuring the safety of stored data, equipment, and personnel.

Advanced technologies such as intelligent fire detection and suppression systems, temperature, humidity, liquid detection, and a smoke and vibration condition monitoring system contribute to an innovative and cutting-edge approach.

Moreover, the Data Center adopts sustainable air conditioning and lighting systems, showcasing social responsibility with a focus on environmental impact through energy efficiency.

The hyperconverged infrastructure implemented by the DGA provides several internal advantages, enabling server customization based on specific workload needs and preventing over-provisioning, among other benefits.

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