Local March 1, 2024 | 9:06 am

AMCHAMDR’s inaugural ‘Business Vision 2024’ Forum

Santo Domingo.- The American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic (AMCHAMDR) organized the “Business Vision 2024” Forum on Thursday, focusing on economic projections and growth prospects in key sectors of the Dominican Republic’s economy.

Business leaders and economic experts convened to analyze challenges and opportunities in vital sectors such as finance, tourism, energy, and mining. AMCHAMDR President, Edwin De los Santos, emphasized the chamber’s commitment to strengthening links between the public and private sectors and facilitating intra- and inter-sectoral discussions. The “Business Vision 2024” forum aimed to provide insights into the country’s direction and the sectors influencing its economic dynamics.

The forum featured panels on Energy and Mines, Tourism, and Finance. In the Energy and Mines panel, led by economist Jaime Aristy Escuder, discussions centered on financial sustainability in electricity provision, energy source diversification, responsible mining practices, and updated regulatory frameworks. The panel also delved into the impact of natural gas on energy transition, advancements in electric mobility, challenges in the hydrocarbon and fuel industry, legal evaluations of mining, and future projections, including the exploration of strategic metals like lithium.

The Tourism panel, guided by Jacqueline Mora, the Technical Deputy Minister of Tourism, explored strategies for promoting sustainable tourism, developing emerging destinations, and adapting to evolving travel trends. Discussions encompassed economic projections, GDP impact analysis, tourism supply management, lessons from developing destinations, and the role of tourism in economic growth, including special segments like health and luxury tourism.

The Finance panel, led by macroeconomics specialist Magín Díaz, delved into the financial outlook for 2024, addressing regulatory challenges, investment opportunities, and digital transformation in the sector. Key topics included macroeconomic stability, digitalization of banking and payments, regulatory impacts on financial services, evolution of the financial sector, strengths and challenges amid international crises, and promoting universal acceptance of the digital economy.

Magín Díaz highlighted the Dominican Republic’s macroeconomic stability over the last 50-60 years, emphasizing its solid banking sector, which has adapted to local and global challenges, prioritizing digital transformation, financial inclusion, and education.

The forum concluded with gratitude to sponsors, including brands from the Elite Circle and supporters, for their contributions to making “Business Vision 2024” possible.

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