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Grand celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the El Dorado Tournament

Santo Domingo.- The Santo Domingo Yacht Club has exciting plans for the grand celebration of the fiftieth edition of the El Dorado tournament, scheduled for Saturday, March 9. This announcement was made on Wednesday night at the Odette restaurant in the capital city.

Battísimo Palamara, the commodore of the club, expressed gratitude to members, local yacht clubs, friends, relatives, and the sports press for their presence at the event. He highlighted the significance of the celebration, as it marks not only the 50th anniversary of the El Dorado tournament but also the 59th anniversary of the Santo Domingo Nautical Club.

Palamara welcomed attendees to the press conference, stating, “We are facing a double celebration with the 50th anniversary of the El Dorado tournament and the 59th anniversary of the Santo Domingo Nautical Club. I hope you can enjoy it as much as possible and that it is as successful as the other events that we usually organize in our club.” He then handed over the floor to director Max Rodríguez.

Director Max Rodríguez expressed gratitude for the opportunity and highlighted the hard work put into bringing the tournament to the level it deserves. He acknowledged sponsors, the sports press, and the Navy of the Dominican Republic, represented by Captain Vegazo Fanith, who attended on behalf of Vice Admiral Agustín Alberto Morillo Rodríguez, the General Commander of the ARD.

Rodríguez used a giant screen to showcase the facilities, program of activities, and supplies that will be provided to the participants. The fair is scheduled from 7:00 in the morning until 6:30 in the afternoon, when all boats must return to the Boca Chica dock for the weighing committee. The minimum weight for validation is 12 pounds, and the registration of 25 to 30 boats is anticipated. The tournament will be dedicated to retired Rear Admiral José Altagracia Beltré Tejada, with only goldfish catches eligible for awards.

A youth category (ages 12 to 16) will be featured, and participants cannot compete with adults. All captured pieces must be presented at the weighing station by 6:30 in the afternoon.

Present at the meeting were notable figures, including Past Commodore José Luis Núñez, Wally Heinsen, Héctor Duval, and directors Jorge Leroux, Eduardo José Brugal, and Alfonso Khouri, along with club communicators and members.

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