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First Green Jobs Forum: exploring sustainable employment

Santo Domingo.- On Wednesday, March 6, the Employers’ Confederation of the Dominican Republic (Copardom) will host the inaugural Green Jobs Forum, delving into the positive impact of environmentally friendly employment and sharing success stories across various sectors. The event will commence at 9 in the morning at the Aloft Santo Domingo hotel on Abraham Lincoln Avenue in the Piantini sector.

Laura Peña Izquierdo, Copardom’s president, will open the ceremony, joined by Luis Miguel Decamps, Minister of Labor, and Pedro Rodríguez, Copardom’s executive vice president. This forum, serving as a platform for dialogue, will assemble business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, and experts in environmental sustainability and sustainable economic development.

The primary focus will be on exchanging ideas, best practices, and experiences related to the creation of green jobs. The event aims to foster collaboration between the public and private sectors, encouraging a comprehensive approach to address environmental and economic challenges. Participants are expected to gain a deeper understanding of “green jobs” and establish connections that will contribute to leading the transition towards a greener and fairer economy.

The forum will feature the presentation of a study on just transition and green jobs in the Dominican Republic, conducted by the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Key topics and speakers for the forum include a panel discussion on “Challenges and Opportunities: Employment in the Era of the Regenerative Economy,” moderated by Christy Luciano, director of the Copardom board. Panelists include Eduardo Lora Yunén (LatAm BioEnergy), Edison Santos (Sustainable Entrepreneurship), Porfirio Báez (Green Depot), Patricia Abreu (Fondo Agua Santo Domingo), and Oscar Calderón (Barna Management School).

A second panel titled “Generating Opportunities: Decent Employment and Sustainability in Solid Waste Management” will be moderated by Mario Pujols, executive vice president of the Association of Industries of the Dominican Republic (AIRD). Panelists for this session include Felipe Beltrán (Ecoservices Dominicana), Romina Santroni (Sanroni Parsons), Pilar Haché (Claro Dominicana), and Ilieana Rojas (Gerdau Mataldom).

The forum will incorporate audiovisual presentations, question sessions, reflections on the topics discussed, and conclude with summaries of the panels.

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