Local March 10, 2024 | 12:05 pm

Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays face off today at Quisqueya Stadium

The Quisqueya Juan Marichal stadium looks ready to host the so-called Dominican MLB Series.

Edesur claims power failure at Quisqueya is due to “unrelated” situation

Santo Domingo – The company Edesur informed us that the electrical failure that occurred this Saturday at the Quisqueya Juan Marichal Stadium was due to an internal situation “outside” the entity.

The entity revealed that it has brigades providing support to the stadium, where in a few hours, the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays are facing each other as part of the Major League Baseball preseason games.

“The power failure at Quisqueya Stadium is due to an internal situation beyond Edesur’s control. Our circuit is energized and without problems. Our brigades are providing support to the Quisqueya Stadium technical team to help solve the situation,” the company wrote on its X account, formerly Twitter.

The Red Sox and Rays will play two consecutive games in the Dominican capital.

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March 11, 2024 12:06 am

Go Red Sox