Local March 26, 2024 | 3:40 pm

IDAC’s commitment to education and human resource development praised

Santo Domingo.– The Dominican Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC) has been recognized for its commitment to education and human resource development. The Aeronautical Sciences Academy (ASCA) presented a special recognition to IDAC’s director general, Héctor Porcella, for his efforts in this area.

Clara Fernández, director of ASCA, highlighted the progress made in the areas of training and human capital development during the current IDAC administration. She mentioned the compliance with training standards and the respect for the new salary scale established by the Ministry of Public Administration (MAP) as significant achievements.

“On behalf of the ASCA staff and the entire IDAC family, we recognize Héctor Porcella for his strong support of the training program of this academy and for applying the IDAC salary scale with a sense of justice and equity for all our employees,” said Fernández.

Porcella reaffirmed his commitment to the training of IDAC personnel and to the development of the technicians required by the growth of civil aviation in the Dominican Republic. He highlighted the support of President Luis Abinader in this area.

Regarding the compliance with the salary scheme authorized by the MAP, Porcella described it as a milestone that creates better conditions for IDAC collaborators. He indicated that this will allow them to respond with greater dedication and loyalty to the demands of IDAC’s important mission.

He also reiterated his commitment to continue working to improve the quality of life of more than 2,000 IDAC employees. He urged employees to continue providing the best of their abilities to contribute to the continuous strengthening of the institution and the improvement of their working conditions.

The activity was also attended by the IDAC’s director of Human Resources, Ana Ysa Tejada; the administrative director, Izett Sansur; the legal director, Bernarda Franco; the director of air navigation, Claudia Roa; the director of regulations, Franklin Reyes Rossó; and a large representation of the Aeronautical Sciences Academy.

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