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Record-breaking Holy Week traffic: nearly 1.7 Million vehicles pass through tolls

Santo Domingo.- The toll booths in the Dominican Republic experienced record levels of traffic during Holy Week, efficiently managing over 1,668,000 vehicles from Monday, March 25, to Sunday, March 31. Unlike previous years, the traffic flowed smoothly without long delays.

According to RD Vial’s operations management, vehicle counts for each day were as follows: Monday – 241,787, Tuesday – 254,536, Wednesday – 287,927, Thursday – 307,062, Friday – 173,365, Saturday – 180,727, and Sunday – 31,223,204, totaling 1,668,608 vehicles. These figures demonstrate the effectiveness of the toll booth service during peak demand periods.

The four toll stations with the highest vehicle flow during Holy Week were Las Américas, with 233,489 vehicles, followed by the Duarte highway station with 147,642 vehicles, 6 de Noviembre with 139,098 vehicles, and Sánchez with 113,732 vehicles. These stations underwent expansion and digital transformation processes to enhance service efficiency.

Success of Fast Pass in the Northeast RD Vial successfully completed the digital transformation of the Autovía del Nordeste stations in February of this year, adding 16 lanes to the Fast Pass service. This initiative significantly improved agility at the Marbella, Guaraguao, Naranjal, and Catey stations. During Holy Week, Naranjal served 80,337 vehicles, Marbella served 65,018 vehicles, Guaraguao served 53,204 vehicles, and Catey served 21,498 vehicles.

Jean Luis Rodríguez, director of RD Vial, attributed the success of the toll booths during Holy Week to the government’s focus on efficiency and transparency in public services. He emphasized that this year, Dominicans experienced smooth travel without setbacks or long lines of vehicles.

Rodríguez highlighted the strong and dynamic economy reflected by the high mobility of Dominicans and visitors throughout the country during Holy Week.

Performance of Other Stations Toll stations in the eastern part of the country, including Coral I, Coral II, and Romana, saw traffic counts of 124,973, 112,477, and 111,159, respectively. Stations in Section I, Section II, and Section IIB in Santiago served 115,579, 116,219, 86,831, and 77,785 vehicles, respectively. In the south, the Azua toll station recorded 69,567 vehicles throughout the week, mirroring the performance of other stations.

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