Economy April 4, 2024 | 9:56 am

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Salary dynamics: the impact of Haitian immigration on Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Leaders of union centers and politicians in the Dominican Republic have underscored the economic challenge posed by the influx of Haitian nationals into Dominican territory. They argue that the social and financial burden associated with Haitian immigration has become increasingly unsustainable for the country.

While Haitian labor is often cheaper, it disrupts the informal labor system and undermines the wages of Dominican workers. Gabriel del Río Doñé, president of the Autonomous Class Trade Union Confederation of the Dominican Republic, emphasized the detrimental effects of relying on Haitian workers for menial tasks. He highlighted how this practice hampers competitiveness, suppresses wages, and hinders efforts to improve living conditions.

Moreover, the influx of Haitian workers displaces local laborers, exacerbating poverty levels in the Dominican Republic. Del Río Doñé noted that Haitian nationals are often exploited due to their economic vulnerability, accepting low wages that undercut formal salary structures and destabilize the economy.

Senator Antonio Marte of Santiago Rodríguez proposed a humanitarian approach to address the issue, suggesting that the Dominican Republic accept Haitian immigrants but collaborate with the United States to establish shelter centers. Marte proposed facilitating the transit of Haitian migrants through the Dominican Republic en route to the United States, with the Dominican Republic covering transportation costs.

Amidst heightened violence in Haiti, concerns have risen about a potential surge in Haitian arrivals, prompting discussions on how best to manage the situation.

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April 4, 2024 10:09 am

There are 2 edges to that knife

Paul Tierney
April 4, 2024 10:15 am

This is a result of the chaos when authorities pass laws to govern the amounts of foreign workers in the country, laws that are ignored by employers who want the cheap labors of foreign workers. The authorities turn a blind eye to what the employers are doing.

It is not uncommon for authorities to round up foreigners just before paydays and on late friday’s. The foreigners are jailed for the weekend, being released before the weekend is over only when a “fine” is paid. The cycle never ends.

It is all a business, wink an eye at employers, round foreigners up to pick their pockets, release them, and start again next week.

April 4, 2024 6:16 pm

without them we’ll have financial chaos …rather we like to admit or not,we’re incapable of functioning properly .. what y they do non of would dream of doing it …

jose alcantara
April 5, 2024 9:44 am
Reply to  Fundador

this is false

April 5, 2024 11:54 pm
Reply to  jose alcantara

i guess you don’t live here nor do you own businesses here …
95% of my workers ,labor are Haitians ,in order for me to have some margins and stay fusible i need to employ them …
Dominicana and few others are working in sectors Haitians can’t do …
For me to deliver apartment building with reasonable and competitive pricing, make some money ,i need to employ them …
Everyone is doing this , that’s how I know you can’t possibly know what’s going on …
My gardeners , security construction labor is Haitian …

I hope these guys print this …