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Desperate family waits for help in complex situation

Santo Domingo – A mass in the heart that grows every three months and damages the valves placed by doctors on Eudis Moreta keeps his family in the municipality of Santo Domingo Oeste in uncertainty.

The doctors are puzzled. They have never seen such an aggressive disease in years of practice. His wife, Magdelisa Veloz, clamors for help to take him out of the country because perhaps a heart transplant is the solution for a man, father of two children and only 44 years old.

Moreta does not have a diagnosis, but every three months, his heart has a new mass that damages his valves. He has undergone open heart surgery twice, and the heart surgeons refuse to do a third intervention.

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The situation is desperate, he does not sleep, he does not eat well and we perceive that the doctors no longer have an alternative, says his wife.

The problem is that they do not have enough resources to take him out of the country to a center where they can perform studies that are not in the country.

Moreta has undergone all the imaging studies available in the country, he has undergone two open heart surgeries, and he is not responding, says Veloz. He has been put on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, doctors from different specialists have seen him, and there is no reason to establish his condition.

His wife asks the Office of the First Lady and the Health Cabinet to allow her to save her husband’s life. She wants to take him to the United States.

Please help
Professor Magdelisa Veloz has the savings account 033-063 576-3 of the Banco de Reservas. She can be reached on her cell phone at 829-562-8544. Her desperation is great.

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