Local April 15, 2024 | 10:32 am

Central Electoral Board conducts regional test for May elections

Santo Domingo.- The Central Electoral Board (JCE) conducted the inaugural regional test of the electoral count for the upcoming presidential and congressional elections on May 19, 2024.

During this trial, the scanning, typing, printing, and data transmission (EDET) equipment were installed and operated within the designated timeframe. The equipment scanned voting records, transmitted data, and disseminated electoral results, effectively verifying the efficiency of the process and the functionality of the system slated for use.

Spanning 1,700 polling stations across 90 districts in 50 municipalities across the country’s 32 provinces, nearly five thousand individuals participated in the test. This included computer supervisors, support technicians, election supervisors, precinct technicians, secretary substitutes, college presidents, military and civil security personnel, JCE electoral counting officials, and members of 50 Electoral Boards.

The regional test was observed nationally by delegates from political organizations, ensuring transparency and integrity throughout the process.

Johnny Rivera, the national director of IT at the JCE, oversaw the test and reported that by 2:30 in the afternoon, the system successfully processed digitization, transmission, and computation of 5,100 voting lists from the 1,700 polling stations. This comprehensive test subjected the system to extreme stress conditions and evaluated the efficiency of the Help Desk in resolving any issues.

Rivera praised the collaboration of political organization delegates and highlighted the oversight of auditors from the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights (IIDH)/Center for Electoral Advice and Promotion (CAPEL), who ensured the incorporation of their audit recommendations into the EDET system.

Throughout the morning, members of the JCE Plenary Session visited various regions to supervise the test’s assembly and progress in preparation for the May 19 elections. President Román Jáquez Liranzo visited polling stations in Greater Santo Domingo, while other members supervised regions such as Duarte province and the Eastern region.

The successful execution of the regional test underscores the JCE’s commitment to ensuring a smooth and transparent electoral process for the upcoming elections.

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