Local April 15, 2024 | 1:06 pm

Entities sign collaboration agreement for 1,000 scholarships

Santo Domingo.- EUROINNOVA Business School (EIOE), in conjunction with the Universidad Católica Nordestana (UCNE) and the Dominican College of Engineers, Architects, and Surveyors (CODIA), has entered into an agreement aimed at advancing higher education in the Dominican Republic.

As part of this collaboration, EUROINNOVA BS pledges to provide 1,000 scholarships covering fifty percent (50.00%) of tuition costs for programs in the fields of Engineering and Architecture. This initiative aims to facilitate higher education access and foster the professional growth of numerous students across the country.

The significance of this partnership lies in its capacity to democratize higher education access, offering tangible opportunities to individuals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in various academic domains. Moreover, it solidifies the bond between the collaborating entities, establishing a foundation for future initiatives that promote educational and professional advancement within the region.


This agreement signifies a significant stride towards promoting education as a catalyst for change and development within Dominican society, underscoring the collective dedication of CODIA, UCNE, and EIOE to comprehensive academic training and educational advancement in the country.

Through this strategic alliance, it is anticipated that a greater number of students will gain access to quality education, thereby contributing to the growth and sustainable development of the Dominican Republic over the forthcoming four years.

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